Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ode to Flip

and how I love thee...

I recently purchased a flip video camera for my school library and I LOVE it. I use it every day. We have a daily student led broadcast and I have learned how to create videos to imbed in the PowerPoint slides. Each day we have a BrainQuest Question of the Day segment and I record the student winner (random drawing for winner) recording the next day's question. I have also used the flip to video changes in the library. Recently our IT department changed some links and so users had to learn a new way to access the catalog. Easy peasy. I recorded myself accessing the catalog step by step for the flip camera and everyone got a mini library lesson that morning. When I did some rearranging, I toured the library so everyone would be familiar with the changes. When I got some new audio books I videoed them and they were all off the shelf the same day. As a means of communication with the whole school, it's been fabulous.

In fact, I love my flip video camera so much that I bought one for me to use at home. I got the HD for home use, which is better for me. I can't tell you how lovely it is for this slightly absentminded librarian to be able to flip open the USB plug on the camera and plug it straight into the computer. No digging for cords!!! Freedom!

Here's me and my new toy!

~Square Librarian

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